MSC Education Holdings is a group of South African-based specialised units responding to the increasing demand for affordable, high quality and relevant post-school education and training. Our goal is to upskill and enhance the employability of any individual through practical training and innovative delivery methods which are rooted in industry principles.

The group has been built on a great track record, with the first of the group’s companies having been established in 1991. MSC Education Online (formerly MSC Business College, the group’s initial brand) is one of the most established education brands across South Africa in the area of tertiary business education, providing students with access to quality online learning across South Africa.

In 2010, Artisan Training was introduced through the Master Artisan Academy of South Africa, now called the MSC Artisan Academy, which offers practical trade related engineering and renewable energy training in 3 locations in South Africa.

More recently, MSC has established MSC Enterprise Solutions to provide integrated and customized technology-based learning solutions to companies and education institutions, enabling both blended and online learning. 


MSC endeavours to prepare individuals to be optimally competitive and employable in the labour market and to enhance the skills of individuals to prosper in their current and future role. Through its unique foundation , the MSC experience is centred on flexible and efficient use of emergent learning techniques, access to online support, and practical, industry-specific experience.

MSC’s delivery model is oriented around providing a personalised learning experience that drives long-term success. MSC seeks to provide virtual learning spaces using an interactive E-Learning Platform that enables individuals to proceed with learning at their own pace, while still receiving structured online class instruction.

Content is delivered directly to an individual’s personal device in a manner that requires active engagement and is available for self-study off-site.

Given the educational needs and challenges of young employees and school leavers, MSC’s model includes a strong focus on reinforcing functional skills, on-going academic support and whilst maintaining a commitment to work readiness.